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“I am a new conversation. The majority of my clients come to me as a referral from others through which they have seen a shift, a change. All of us, at some point in our lives, face challenges in some aspect of our relationship, health, career, money, family obligation or other. It is common if not universal. My tools and training make me a catalyst for change by bringing new tools to these old challenges.” – Stacy Davenport – The Energy Catalyst


With over 20 years of experience and a client base that spans the globe, Stacy Davenport has skillfully combined tools you may have heard of to achieve results you aren’t expecting.

Personal and professional experiences guided Stacy to a place where she could no longer ignore the gift that she knew she possessed. Stacy is not alone in growing up in a home that was dysfunctional and disruptive. But where many children seem to get lost, Stacy used a gift, she later identified as Feng Shui, to physically change the layout of her room. By shifting her physical surroundings, Stacy was able to create needed balance and stability. These subtle shifts provided transformative comfort and an awakening to further understand how our surroundings and energy impact all aspects of our lives and relationships.

After pursuing a degree in Business from Western Michigan University, Stacy found herself in an “eight to five” corporate life while maintaining a “five to eight” spiritual life exploring the expansive field of the energy grid. She soon knew that she could no longer ignore her life’s work for a “job.”

Through the years, Stacy has expanded her offerings from a base in Feng Shui and specialty in energy clearing to include life coaching, Akashic record readings and Life Purpose through hand analysis. Though most clients come to her through her referral network, they often don’t know where to start. Stacy relies on her unique gift to perceive and interpret surroundings and energy to guide the tools utilized to help shift her clients to a higher cohesive alignment. Each of the four pillars compliment each other and most clients use these services to dig deeper and more thoroughly through their life’s challenges.

With an incredibly high referral and retention rate, Stacy has become known as the energy catalyst or the spiritual concierge. One simply needs to identify that they are stuck and they need help. The rest is confidently placed in Stacy’s guiding hands.

Stacy Davenport is an experienced, dynamic and insightful certified Feng Shui expert, development Coach, Akashic Records Consultant, life-purpose Hand Analyst and educator. Her engagement is an energy catalyst for others. Strongly committed to the art of personal and professional transformation, she has spent more than two decades coaching individuals and business leaders on how to create positive change within their lives and their businesses. Stacy welcomes the opportunity to activate a powerful and life-changing shift for you.



  • Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, by founder Master Lin-Yun, 1996
  • Certified Personal Co-Active Coach, with the Coach’s Training Institute, 2002
  • Certified Hand Analyst, Richard Unger’s International Institute of Hand Analysis, 2005
  • Akashic Record Consultant, Akashic Records Consultants International, 2005