Stacy Davenport believes energy is our life force.

Stacy Davenport is an experienced, dynamic and insightful certified Feng Shui expert, development Coach, Akashic Records Consultant, life-purpose Hand Analyst, educator and author. Her engagement is an energy catalyst for others. Strongly committed to the art of personal and professional transformation, she has spent more than two decades coaching individuals and business leaders on how to create positive change within their lives and their businesses. Stacy Davenport welcomes the opportunity to activate a powerful and life-changing shift for you.



  • Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, by founder Master Lin-Yun, 1996
  • Certified Personal Co-Active Coach, with the Coach’s Training Institute, 2002
  • Certified Hand Analyst, Richard Unger’s International Institute of Hand Analysis, 2005
  • Akashic Record Consultant, Akashic Records Consultants International, 2005
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Stacy Davenport has worked with clients all over the country for more than 20+ years. Many clients begin with Feng Shui then quickly engage with her on other services. This is a summary (based in percentages) of the services her clients have selected over the last two decades.

Feng Shui0%
Life Coaching0%
Akashic Records 0%
Hand Analysis0%

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