There is nothing more powerful than knowing your mission in life and being willing to live it.

Whether hidden or known, your Life Purpose is the guiding principle behind the events of your life — the voice of your destiny calling out to you from your soul. It lies within you, always seeking expression, some method of awakening you to the power of its message.



Hand Analysis differs from palm reading in a very significant way: palmistry is the ancient art of foretelling the future from the lines of your palm; whereas hand analysis is based on years of quantifiable and empirical data, identifying personality patterns and behaviors that exist in your hand shape, texture, the lines etched within (which change over time), and fingerprints (which do not change). This system, developed by Richard Unger, Founder and Director of the International Institute of Hand Analysis, decodes Life Purpose and Life Lessons from your hands and fingerprints. It is based on over 25 years of research and methodical analysis. The shape of your hands and the lines in your palm reveal your basic temperament, personality and behavioral traits that make up your character, repetitive patterns that get you into trouble or hold you back, talents and gifts, and even hidden motivations. Your fingerprints, completely formed and unalterable 5 months prior to your birth, represent the divine blueprint for your life. In the same way that an acorn is encoded to grow into an oak tree, fingerprints contain a detailed map of a person’s highest self-actualization potential. During a Life Purpose Hand Analysis, Stacy will provide information about your Life Purpose and Life Lessons. Your Life Purpose is who you’ve come here to be in this lifetime; your Life Lessons are what you need to learn to achieve your Life Purpose. You will very clearly see where you are now, and the pitfalls and obstacles that are keeping you from where you want to be. Having your hands read is a life-altering and profound experience that allows you to discover an inner truth that resonates on a very deep level.


    • The fee for a Life Purpose Hand Analysis is $125.
    • Sessions last approximately 1-1/4 hours. Because the sessions are filled with detailed information, they are recorded for your convenience and review.


Delve deeper into who you really are and why you are here.