Change is Good: The Energy and Essence of You.

Change Is Good SERIES:
The Energy and Essence of You.

“I have witnessed thousands of individuals successfully transform all aspects of their lives since I began this work in 1996. The foundational work is my part of what I offer in this workshop. Your energy reveals your past and your desires for the future.”



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I have partnered with Alisa Weldon of well+done DESIGN to develop a life coaching and branding workshop series called Change Is Good. After years of collaborating with individuals, we have decided to bring this into a group setting. We have one simple goal which is to create a space and process for you to:

• Uncover your true potential
• Transform your fears into freedom
• Discover the energy of your true self
• Understand your core essence and embody the archetype of you
• Tap into new ways to bring your dreams into reality
This workshop is set up in 2 sections with tools to help you understand:

1. The energy of you and how your past has had an affect on where you are today.
2. The essence of you and what you want to manifest moving forward to live a more fulfilled life.

In a small group setting of 8, we will facilitate informative working sessions and hands-on creative engagement activities. You will tap into your playful side, spark your mind to think differently and allow you to uncover new ways to express yourself. This workshop will allow you to transform your life in an impressive way. A healthy lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided and we’ll gather food requests after registration.
I am an experienced, dynamic and insightful personal development coach and educator. I am an energy catalyst and change agent who is committed to supporting personal transformation. Since 1996, I have worked with individuals, companies and executive leadership teams to create positive change within their lives and their business. Alisa Weldon is an inspiring creative catalyst, designer and problem solver. She thrives on developing messaging for individuals and businesses to inform the development of their brand. Alisa helps uncover the essence of you and creates a new story to impact all marketing channels. Since 1994, she has worked with numerous small businesses and large corporations. She leads the well+done DESIGN team with strategy, message and brand development as creative director.

We are in an age where we all seek a deeper connection to ourselves, family and our work. Our desire to be your catalyst to attract the best life has to offer. Join us on this fun, enlightening and life-changing experience.